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Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Recruitment Support 

Bersin by Deloitte defines talent acquisition as “a strategic approach to identifying, attracting, and onboarding talent to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business needs.” educate | HR can help with all aspects of the talent acquisition process, including:

  • Recruitment strategy

  • Employment brand development

  • Applicant assessment and selection

  • Recruitment marketing 

  • On-Boarding/Employee orientation

  • Building effective grow your own/early talent pipelines 

  • Full-Cycle recruitment

  • Workforce planning 

Employee Handbooks/Policies

Fractional HR Services

Our tailored solutions empower your business with HR support scaled to your needs. From recruitment and onboarding to employee relations, we are here to help optimize your human resources functions. This model allows you to access experienced HR professionals without the commitment of a full-time hire. Save costs, enhance efficiency, and stay agile as we address your HR challenges, ensuring your business thrives in a dynamic landscape. 


DEI Strategy & Training 

Unlock the Power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with our strategy and training solutions. 

At educate | HR, we believe in the transformative aspect of a robust DEI strategy, our comprehensive approach goes beyond compliance, fostering an inclusive culture that fuels innovation and growth. From designing tailored DEI strategies to delivering impactful training sessions, we empower your organization to embrace diversity, foster equity, and promote an inclusive workspace where every voice is heard. 

I-9 Audits

HRIS Evaluation & Implementation Support 

At educate | HR we understand the critical role of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in modern workplaces. Our expert team specializes in evaluating and implementing HRIS solutions to directly address your organization's needs. From system selection to seamless integration, we ensure a smooth transition that optimizes your HR processes. Experience enhanced efficiency, data accuracy, and a centralized hub for employee information with a well-structured HRIS system. Trust educate | HR for comprehensive HRIS evaluation and implementation support that propels your business forward. 

Job Description Development

Employee & Labor Relations 

At educate | HR we recognize the significance of fostering healthy relationships between employers and employees. Our experienced team specializes in managing employee and labor relations, navigating complexities with a focus on collaboration and communication. From conflict resolution to crafting fair employment policies, we're dedicated to helping our clients build a strong adult culture in their workplaces. Our employee and labor relations expertise - building bridges for a workplace where productivity and satisfaction thrive. 

Virtual HR Support/Virtual HR
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